Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Little baby black shoes

These are the boys shoes for Sunday....I wanted to take a picture of them because ......I absolutely love them....and they are growing out of them...

They are Velcro...A gift to Mothers!

They cost 2.99 each at Target!!! It never happens where I can find shoes that are on clearance and where there are actually 2 pairs of them....One of my Lucky Days!!!

We were at a wedding reception in Yakima last Winter and the hotel we were staying at had a snowy slope just right outside the sliding glass door (1st floor). The kids were sliding down on trays and one of the boys lost his shoe.....We looked all over...couldn't find it..

Finally, we had to leave but I decided I had to look one more time....and I found it!!!Yeah....I think it would have affected me for the rest of my life...wondering where it was....it was in the middle of a bush...

TO bad I didn't line this picture up a little bit better....THE PUG follows me around...wondering "why is she taking a picture of those....me?"