Wednesday, September 12, 2007

chocolate wrappers

These are my husband's 3 chocolate wrappers. He loves Dove milk chocolate (If I was chocolate, I would be Dove milk chocolate!)

They say:
Watch reruns, they replay your memories
If they can do it, you know you can
Go to your special place.

There was a 4th one.....that I didn't get in the picture...but now I can't find it...
THis is also my husband's computer....he is so nice to let me use it (it's a laptop)
The familes computer is upstairs.....

I know I drive him I don't know if he realized yet that I have been saving picture files and replacing the 1st letter with a "Z" so it is easier to find....example..this picture file is named "zomputer"....the piano picture is named "ziano" my favorite is "zanana" (do you know what that one is?) Zunday, Zuper day, zug and zusband(that one was really easy to find) are some more....