Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pretty Woman....

Here is a scene from Pretty Woman that I like and think of .... when I realize I should know something...but since I didn't pay attention...I don't

Vivian: "Man, this baby must corner like it's on rails."

Edward: "Beg your pardon."

Vivian: "Doesn't blow your mind this is only, 4 cylinders!"

Edward: "You know about cars, where did that come from?"

Vivian: "Road and Track. The boys back home I grew up with they were really into American Heavy Metal, Mustangs, Corvettes. They bought them cheap and fixed them up, I paid attention. So how is it that you know so little about cars."

Edward:"My first car was a Limosine."

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I think of all the things I would know IF......
here are only a few....

Fix a VW engine

How to download pictures off the camera to the right place

Frame and Drywall a house


Know how to get to St. John's Bridge

How to deliver a baby

Paint a car

Install a jacuzzi

Build a deck, fence etc....

Speak French

Speak Spanish

What would you know if you paid attention...?

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