Thursday, December 4, 2008

I was lucky enough to be standing....

at the end of the drink table when the first wave of Football Players were coming down with their plates of food....This was at the High School Football Banquet.

They each had one plate of food and one plate of deserts...packed high..I thought about each kid....... There is no way he can eat all that....But sure enough when I sat down at our table and watched my own son woof down all his food and deserts and then he was given 3 large cookies by his friend and ate them...I couldn't believe it....I looked around... each one had eaten all their food.

All the boys are lean mean fighting machines...they all spend a lot of time in the weight room..
My son fits in probably the 75 percentile..You know, out of a 100 kids he is shorter than 25 but taller than 75...

The football program was amazing and I realized how lucky he was to be part of the team with such great kids and awesome coaches...The coaches talked about each kid and their attributes and hard work..

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